The Return of Tartalo exhibition

Title: The Return of Tartalo
Aim: to promote the pictorial and literary art of the Basque fantastic and folklore genre
Illustration and design: Dr. Alfonso Berroya Elosua
Scriptwriter: Dr. Raúl Montero Gilete
Funding: Basque Government, Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, Provincial Government of Álava, El Correo, Fundación Vital, Caja Laboral Kutxa.
Technical characteristics of the unpacked exhibit: 12 vertical 85×206 cm roll-ups, rollable and self-supporting.
Technical characteristics of the packed exhibit: two boxes of 22x30x90 cm approx. with a total weight of 36 kg.
Transfer conditions: Hevenday gives the exhibition free of charge for its placement in libraries, national or international congresses, festivals or any type of cultural center that may be interested, as long as it is accessible to the general public and does not require the payment of an entrance fee. The receiving center will only have to take care of the assembly, disassembly and final packaging of the roll-ups, as well as the shipping costs to the next destination, which will be indicated in due time by Hevenday.