Tartalo Award

Tartalo 2023 Joseba Irazu Garmendia (Bernardo Atxaga)

The honorary Tartalo Prize for the fantastic in the arts is awarded annually by the organisation of “Tartalo. Week of the fantastic in the arts in Vitoria-Gasteiz” to those artists whose professional career has been able to create exceptional artistic experiences linked to the world of the fantastic through architecture, sculpture, painting, music, literature, performing arts (including dance, opera and circus), cinema, media arts (including radio, television and photography), comics, conceptual art, or technological arts (including new expressions linked to artificial intelligence and video games).

The aim of the prize is to acknowledge the work of those people who are capable of inspiring society to create a better world through the fantastic in the arts.

In light of this, we acknowledge an array of perspectives, experiences and voices; while also defending the power of the fantastic as a transformative element that brings society together through exceptional works that help imagine—and perhaps create—a better world. We encourage artists from all over the world to continue creating a kind of art in which the fantastic reflects all identities and promotes diversity. We value the representation and inclusion of the fantastic in the arts, promoting empathy and understanding.

The winner must have a long and distinguished career recognised nationally and internationally.

Artium Museoa

12 Nov 2023