Theme and Topics (2023)

“Tartalo. The VII International Conference on Myth in the Arts” welcomes applications from PhD students, late-stages MA students and PostDoc researchers, as well as from established researchers and academics on the following and complementing topics:

The fantastic in the arts

Reinterpretation of the fantastic in the 21st century

Myth and genre:

  • Myth and the fantastic;
  • Myth in the American West;
  • Myth and the Inklings;
  • Myth and Modernism;
  • Myth in science fiction;
  • Myth and horror;
  • Myth in comedy;
  • Myth in romance;
  • Myth in tragedy;

Myth and medium:

  • Myth in cinema;
  • Myth in paintings;
  • Myth and the performative arts (music, dance, theatre -opera, zarzuela,
    performance, cabaret, puppetry, circus…);
  • Myth in architecture;
  • Myth in sculptures;
  • Myth and new artistic forms (graphic novels, Artificial Intelligence, vlogging…);
  • Myth and media arts (radio, television, photography…)

Revisiting ancient/classical myths in modern/contemporary works
Birth and evolution of (post)modern myths
The re/production of urban myths
Mythifying social stereotypes
The aesthetics of myth
Cultural appropriation of non-western myths
Transtextual dialogues about specific myths
The artistic representation, use and purpose of myth/s in multicultural contexts
Mythification as a tool for reclaiming and constructing identities