Contests (2023)

Novelette Contest

The aim of the contest is to reward the best literary works submitted to it, and at the same time to promote a literary genre with little tradition in Spain, the novelette or long story, which, for lack of a suitable term for its translation, we will call “noveleta”.

The “noveletas” must be written in Spanish or Basque.

With the deadline for entries for the I TARTALO GASTEIZ Novelette Competition now closed, we thank the participation of 178 works, with the following origin:

  • 98 Spanish, representing 15 communities and one autonomous city; and
  • 80 from abroad, from a total of 16 countries (Germany, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Cuba, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, USA, France, Mexico, Panama, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela).
Cosplay Contest

The term cosplay derives from the contraction of costume and play. In this contest, participants will have the chance to dress up as and interpret fictional characters from literature, cinema, videogames, etc. There are two categories: the contest, which implies staged acting, and the catwalk, consisting of the presentation of costumes on stage.