Dr. María Carmen Gil Fombellida

Carmen Gil Fombellida studied at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she obtained her PhD in Philology in 2002. Her research has focused on the study of the theatrical phenomenon in the field of literary texts and their representation, in different historical scenarios covering the Second Republic, the post-war period and the exile of the Civil War.

For fifteen years she has taught History, Theatre Theory and Analysis of Dramatic Texts at the “Taller de Artes Escénicas” in Donostia-San Sebastián. She has been a member since 2004 and is currently vice-president of Hamaika Bide Elkartea (Association for the study of Basque exile culture). She has also collaborated with various research teams on the theatrical activity in post-war Madrid (CSIC) and on the theatrical exile of 1939 (University of Deusto).

She has coordinated collective works, the result of the organisation of congresses on the cultural exile of the Civil War and is the author of some thirty publications, including six books: Rivas Cherif, Margarita Xirgu y el teatro de la II República, (2003); El teatro en Gipuzkoa (1970-1986) / Antzerkia Gipuzkoan (1970-1986) (2004); Eduardo Ugarte. Por las rutas del teatro (2005); El Festival Cero: crónica de un festival interrumpido (2005); José Martín Elizondo. Teatro combatiente (2009) and 1936ko euskal erbestealdiko antzerkia / El teatro en el exilio vasco de 1936 (2012).

He is currently working at the University of the Basque Countre in the Department of Hispanic studies.