Dr. Miguel Ayerbe Linares

Dr. Ayerbe studied German Philology at the universities of Seville and Cologne. He got his Doctor Degree in Historical and Comparative Linguistics of Germanic Languages. He currently works at the University of the Basque Country, where he teaches History of the German language and German literature of the Middle Ages. His research interests include Historical and Comparative Germanic linguistics, lexical issues and problems in the translation of medieval Germanic texts into modern languages, Comparative Germanic literature and Comparative Translation Analysis, as well as Discourse Analysis. He has also published translations of German texts into Spanish, such as “Oswald de Múnich” (2009) and “La recompensa del mundo” by Konrad von Würzburg (2020). He is a member of the Gesellschaft für Germanistische Sprachgeshichte (GGSG) and the Basque Research Group in Linguistic Typology (BaLT), as well as an external collaborating member of the Public Discourse research group of the Instituto Cultura y Sociedad of the University of Navarra.