Dr. Pedro Ortega

Pedro Ortega Ventureira PhD. (Madrid, 1972) is Industrial Engineer, Art Historian, Master Executive on Digital Edition and PhD. in Aesthetics. He is World Heritage manager in Madrid City Council, writer and editor of academic magazines and books.

His writer career is marked by studies in frontier themes such as History of Tarot, Art and Secret Societies, and enigmas and secrets of Madrid. Twice a month he sends the newsletter https://mistericaland.substack.com/. He publishes in Penguin Random House Publishing Company.

As editor, he is the Publisher of Herejía y Belleza yearly magazine (focused on Art, Literature and Alternative Culture) and coordinates Aulós Publishing Company based on Aesthetics and linked with the Philosophy Department of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

He is also expert in digital tools for the management and diffusion of Cultural Heritage and he owns the newsletter https://patrimoniodigital.substack.com/.