Enrique Echazarra Artaza


Researcher who has pursued mystery with a touch of skepticism for over three decades. Author of Crónicas de Brujeria (Aguilar 2007), reedited by Editorial Balazote in 2021; 50 lugares mágicos del País Vasco (Ediciones Cydonia 2014); Expedientes X en el País Vasco (Ediciones Cydonia 2016).Promoter of the Basque legendary culture and mythology. Correspondent in Cuatro TV’s ‘Cuarto Milenio’ program. 2nd position in ‘El Ojo Crítico’ research prizes in 2014 with the work “Ochate: desmontando su maldición”. Collaborator in EiTB’s radio and TV programs. Collaborator in the mythical radio program ‘Milenio 3’ and the ‘MilenioLive’ Youtube channel.