Isabel Muguruza Roca

Doctorate in Romance Philology from the UPV/EHU (1995). She is Associate Professor of Spanish literature since 1999. She is currently Director of the Department of Philology and History and Coordinator of the Philology degree.

Her research focuses on Spanish literature of the Golden Age. She has worked on chivalric literature, editing Don Olivante de Laura by Antonio de Torquemada, an author to whom she has dedicated several articles. She has participated in three research projects on Literature and Gender, publishing on masculinity in Cervantes, gender rhetoric and female sin in confessional manuals, and collaborating on a University of Stirling project on confessionals in Hispanic America.

Since 2015, she has been a member of the PROLOPE research group, working on the critical edition (with introduction and notes) of La noche de San Juan, a comedy from Lope de Vega’s XXI Part. In the field of studies on the theatre of the Golden Age, she has been head of a research group at the UPV/EHU that studies the role of the theatre in the political conflicts of the 1640s. Since 2021, this group has been integrated into the research project PID2020-114496RB-I00 (PI Andoni Artola and José María Imizcoz) and since 2022 into the consolidated research group of the Basque Government IT 1465-22, “Societies, Processes, Cultures (8th to 18th centuries)”. She is also working on Spanish translations of Italian novellieri (mainly Matteo Bandello) and on the relationship between comedy and the short novel (with special attention to María de Zayas).