Marina Ortega Llorente

Marina is a Spanish concept artist and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. After graduating in Fine Arts in Madrid, she continued studying at international online academies such as CGMA and Learn Squared, forging her career specializing in Environments and Props concept art for video games and illustration for books and board games, while landing her first jobs in the freelance industry as an illustrator for Games Workshop and working as a concept artist in a small studio in Manchester in 2014. After 10 years, she has continued to do full-time freelance work and occasional time-limited studio work, enjoying being involved in varied fantasy, sci-fi and horror projects, with styles that range from realistic to stylized and in the company of a wide variety of teams in terms of size and style of work. She has especially enjoyed working on IPs that offer interesting narratives and worldbuilding opportunities. Her recent clients include Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, Axis Studios, Fandom, ZA-UM and Endnight Games.