Victor-Doru Artenie Tudoran

Doru Artenie,
Artistic Director of EHU-Orkestra

Graduate in Music from the National University of Music “Ciprian Porumbescu” in Bucha-rest in 1980, in which year he joins the Bucharest Philharmonic Orchestra “George Enescu”, in the viola section, after a competitive examination.

Alongside his orchestral activity, he is a member of various chamber music ensembles with whom he makes recording, tours and concerts nationally and internationally. Moreo-ver, he wins the First National Prize of Romania, in the String Quartet section.

In 1984 he joins the Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra and combines this activity with that of professor of Viola and Chamber Music at the Conservatory of Music “J.C.Arriaga” in Bil-bao. He also performs in different chamber music groups.

In 2016, together with the Rectoral Team of the University of the Basque Country, he founded the “EHU-Orkestra”, taking charge of defining the musical-educational objectives of the orchestra, the repertoire, the selection of musicians and directing the orchestra in activities and concerts both inside and outside the university.